Monday, August 31, 2009

Last thing today : THE WORST I HAVE EVER SEEN

FyI i hate fusion anything since nike and jordan fused so many shoes i now hate the Ford Fusion but look at these

Thanks to TSG we have these exclusive pictures of the Jordan Brand’s newest creation, a Jordan IV and XI fusion. The sneaker combines the upper half of an IV and the bottom half of an XI. No word yet on a release date but it looks like we should see them sometime within the next year… Okay, time to quit the act, these are faker than the run of Air Yeezys we saw a while back. Thankfully who ever rocked these did not show his, or her, face as they would undergo a huge amount of embarrassment. Stop the fakes. The worst part is they probably paid top price for these, umm fusions?

FYI jus a few thoughts

Im not against people owning dogs but its a few things I think are trife
1) You shouldnt own a dog thats as big as a person if you stay in a apt
2) i wouldnt scoop poop but if your dog leaves turds outside that looks human like
then dont leave it

Drake and Trey Songs- Successful video

The video isnt dope but dropped today so i hope some one enjoys

Big Marc "girl wit the stretch pants" Download it

Sorry anybody who cares

Man i been slacking like crazy with my blog but i promise to do better or atleast try that is all ok bye